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Data driven agriculture


We select the correct equipment needed to meet the customers’ requirements. Collection of data is held with innovative techniques that allow the real time monitoring of the critical parameters with accuracy and low cost.


We combine our imagery data with field measurements, advanced algorithms and historical data to produce agricultural data. Computation and analysis of the imported data in combination with the scientific support of eyefarms’ team will convert raw data into meaningful advice to put into practice.


The output of all the processes is a report held in two formats either in hard copy for the farmers or in digital form placed in our web platform for the experts and farmers’ advisors. The users of the platform will have the advantage of getting live farm data view, online purchases and many extra features like weather forecast or agriculture warnings.


A variety of new features that can be customized to your needs.

  • Web based platform

    FarmView ™ is an online tool that will be your everyday advisor. Create your profile by adding information about your farm and get for free weather data, agriculture warnings and suggestions. You can go premium with extra features such as online purchases for extra services, resource manager end much more. The platform will be an eye on your farm 24/7 from every device.

  • Ground based sensors

    Let your plants tell you what they need when they need it. SenseIT™ is a feature that will inform you 24/7 with the critical data for your field. It will act autonomously if you set it to.

  • Aerial mapping

    FarmScout™ will change the way you see your farm. We combine data from satellites and UAVs using GIS to better manage farms by creating information-dense reports and maps that give them a unique perspective of different parameters that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

  • Soil analysis

    The procedure is designed to be as easy and as cheap as possible. Request the service and you will be provided with the soilBox™. Everything required for the sampling is enclosed. Follow the directions, close the box and bring it to the nearest post office. Results come with the optimum fertilizer composition needed for your soil related to the cultivation.

  • Historical data

    Keeping track of every measurement and act on the field is easier than ever. FarmStats™ will help you take decisions that are based on statistics that come out or on your own records. Being able to compare inputs and outputs of previous years will lead in higher efficiency year by year.

  • Better data for smarter business decisions


Modern solutions for modern farmers

FarmView ™

  • Available on every device.
  • Check the weather forecast and plan your moves.
  • Get alerts for agriculture warnings.
  • Combine different services and get the results on your screen.
  • All modified to your needs!

SenseIT ™

  • Essential measurements real time and wireless.
  • 24/7 check the temperature, RH, soil moisture etc
  • Advanced algorithms give preventive alerts.
  • Automations are also possible.


  • Farm mapping.
  • Canopy profiling.
  • Crop status (growing stage, yield estimates, etc.)
  • Pathogen introduction and tracking, weed id and levels.
  • Assess agricultural trials.
  • More innovative features!


  • Soil analysis easier than ever.
  • Receive the instructions within the box and do the sampling - bring it to the nearest post office office.
  • Get your results with the optimum fertilizer recommendation.


  • Keeping records of yearly conditions.
  • Make decisions based on statistics.
  • Manage your resources and labour.


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We are loyal friends. We started with an idea, we worked hard to make it real and now we are doing our first steps.

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